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Psychological Counseling

Amidst this Global crisis situation otherwise termed as the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing the emotional, social and health concerns people are going through, RBRF launches first of it's kind Nature based non-medicated 'Psychological Counseling'; primarily focusing on typical life stresses and more severe issues with which Women are struggling as individuals and as a part of family! Scientifically, women are much more vulnerable to such psychological breakdowns primarily because of financial dependence on men, traditional parental dominance, and disheartening behavior from sharing partner, unpleasant workplace bossing, untold sexual commitment/ dissatisfaction, tiresome days spent with household works and what not. Brawling against stereotypes in a Men-dominated world; broadening perceptions and fighting biases. So women deserve a lot more empathy over apathy! Yet, the present psychological counseling and treatments options are much more inclined towards medicated solutions and therapies. So keeping in mind the long-term side effects of traumatic medications, RBRF launches CLOSE TO NATURE Psychological counseling sessions where medications are condemned and Mother Nature is trusted upon. A new era of psychological counseling has been introduced by RBRF. You can experience its magical impact and regaining the spirit of life, within. Interested patients can contact us for further inquiry. Mail us: or inquire over telephone No. 033-2573-2244 / Mobile - 62908 14353.

Shelter Assistance

In the current era where everyone is busy with his/her professional career and other commitments, we tend to spare less time at home. The process of social change i.e. modernization, westernization and urbanization have modified the value system and repositioned the socio-economic priorities which has thrown our lives on fast tracks, with very less or no time to be with our elderly parents, especially to the lonely widows! In backdrop, according to Population Census 2011 life expectancy and current population of women are both higher than men. Unfortunately, we often receive phone calls from distressed Women, complaining about the same and even far worse cases of severely mentally tortured and physically assaulted too! Understanding this feeling of disdain and after hearing numerous such bitter conversations, RBRF launches Shelter Assistance for the distressed women where they can co-live with others or independently as she feels fit. Especially Widows, Divorced, Separated women with or without kids are entitled to avail this facility with their full safety and security. However, RBRF does not run any ‘Home’ but at several flats in a same area. At RBRF moral, emotional and mental support apart, we also provide them all household facilities according to her requirements. One can experience in a different flavor of living in a different ambience and that would change her perception about life. Interested women can contact us for further inquiry. Mail: or inquire over telephone No. 033-2573-2244 /Mobile-62908 14353.

Business Assistance

Skill development is an essential part of Career-scope but the ultimate goal is livelihood generation for the women. This is another hurdle for the women in Indian society as the traditional practices and social enforcement restricts them from doing so. Marriage at an early age, with a minimal educational qualification is traditionally considered a good practice without any professional career or earnability. This is what turns out to be the foundation grounds for Dowry, Domestic Violence, Separations, so on and so forth. Maintaining a strict professional service or job career after marriage becomes increasingly difficult for women due to several family involvements. So, primarily a job for experience and ultimately self dependency i.e entrepreneurship is the only silver-lining for the career growth of a woman for avoiding the obvious problems in personal life. Keeping this in mind, RBRF provides extensive Entrepreneurship and Business support to women. It covers various sectors like Farming sector and Agro sectors for rural women, followed by IT sector, Logistic Sector, Tourism sector, Media sector, Entertainment sector and Marketing sector for the urban women as well. Interested women can contact us for further inquiry. Mail us: or inquire over telephone No. 033-2573-2244 / Mobile - 62908 14353.

Promotional Assistance

Promotional Assistance by Portfolio Making or Video Album Making is an essential part of Career-scope of women, especially for the creative performers and even the job seekers on today. A CV apart, Personal Portfolio is a most effective tools for a Career/job seeker today. The simple logic here is, one who would like to promote or recruit you, he/she should much skeptical of a new comer’s performance and might forget you among other competitors. Personal portfolio will help him/her to remember you visually and also to asses you as a dependable member of his/her workforce. Your different activity photos will reflect whatever the spark/shortfall that you are having. Similarly, a Video Album is very important for a performance artist, i.e. Singer, Actress and Models. It will give you 100% better/faster scope for career boosting. You can promote that both through the Social Media and by personal presentation to any interview. Your every gesture/posture and performance will be documented in an attractive manner which will help your judge in selecting you and the public acceptance through Social Medias too. An experienced and Professional Portfolio or Album Maker can only do that which a junior photographer cannot do tat. Portfolio Making is really a very tuff job as it requires various activity places (i.e. Kitchen, Drawing, Study, Office etc) and the outdoor locations are ideal for a better appearance, personality show and soft skill exposure. In case of outdoor shooting, the location selection depends on the candidate as it appears a bit expensive but a one time investment for excellent career scope forever. Candidate can also shoot at Kolkata only for economic budget expenditure. Interested women can contact us for further inquiry. Mail us: or inquire over telephone No. 033-2573-2244 / Mobile - 62908 14353.

Tourism Assistance

India is a mega-diversified country which offers ample opportunity for Eco-tourism and allied businesses for the new entrepreneurs. In continuation to that context the state of West Bengal also bears with a higher potential of Eco-tourism business as the state itself offers Terrain foothills forests along with grasslands of Duars, coastal Sundarbans and dry deciduous plateau areas of Purulia, Bankura and West Medinipore Districts. The Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation urges young entrepreneurs to undertake such projects which would be beneficial both from a progressive business aspect and an ecological point of view too.

In other words this is needless to mention that Eco-tourism is a fast growing business sector, creating a different path towards the conservation of nature under the umbrella of sustainable development. In developing countries, eco-tourism has an exhilarating potential for economic development and environmental protection. The International Eco-tourism Society (TIES) has defined Eco-tourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the wellbeing of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”. The word “Eco-tourism” has a wider concept rather than tourism only. It involves the Conservation of natural and cultural heritage and enhancing bio cultural diversity, the participation of the communities by increasing local capacity building and employment opportunities to fight against the poverty, the emphasis on environmental awareness and inspiring personal experiences.

India being a richly bio-diversified land of mountains, deserts, forests, plateaus, plains, coastal plains and islands is counted within the World’s top 18 mega-bio-diversified countries; also represents 4 out of the 35 biodiversity hotspots in the world. India’s topography with picture perfect landscapes, consisting of about 103 national parks, 18 biosphere reserves and 537 wildlife sanctuaries, fascinates a lot of eco-tourism.

Thus, an eco-tourism firm has a huge prospect and growth opportunity here in India. The RBRF-NIG offers considerable expertise and experience in this forte and parents/incubates entrepreneurs, in implementing such projects. Interested persons may submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) along with his/her complete personal details and to be addressed to the Secretary, RBRF over E-mail ( or enquire over phone no. 033-2573-2244 / Mobile-6290814353.

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