Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation
Social Investor

Hello there, The RBRF invites you to be a Social Investor who is intended to be a part of Development Force with a specific goal orientation and task time essential. Your Investment will be secure for a negotiable time period as an interest free loan for social development. RBRF also undertake any taller-made development project which goes in mission to rural employment generation, along with its’ sustainability, feasibility and profitability for the under privileged section of the society, anywhere within the state of West Bengal. At the same time, a Social Volunteer can make a realistic plan for other resource mobilization to meet his/her interest by maintaining the organization’s goal. Interested Social Investors are most welcome to be a part of RBRF; may submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) along with his/her complete personal details and to be addressed to the Secretary, RBRF. Please mail us at or inquire over telephone No. 033-2573-2244 / Mobile - 62908 14353. We thank you once again.

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