Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation

Hello there, firstly the RBRF would like to congratulate you for your Philanthropic mindset. This is a rarest thought of mind, derives from a higher level of human quality. This is unfortunate to mention that our country, India is a middle order country of ‘Giving Index’, internationally. It stands in the 74th position out of 184 countries in the world. Personal interest is proactively dominant in us. In other words, India should be poverty-less as the country offers a huge volume of natural recourses. However, we have rarely seen Philanthropists like you who are willing to donate a big amount of money or other assets for the benefit of other people, selflessly. A Spiritual donor does not consider here. The Rural Bengal Biospheric research Foundation is proud to be announcing itself a ‘Philanthropic Organization’ where its members do not expect any name or fame out of it.

RBRF is purely a Non-Profit Organization and fully ran by the Philanthropists and Donors. The Organization never accepted or applied for any foreign grants/aid, to ensure a hassle-free administration. The Philanthropists are the most valued associates of the organization who really love the mission of the organization, alongside a donation for empowering a minimum of 4 poor rural women by providing them appropriate livelihood support, the RBRF is opt for. The Organization receives the amount under section 12AA and 80G of Income Tax Act. The organization also provides them an appropriate PHILANTHROPIC certificate for their heartiest support and invites them on all forth-coming events of the organization. Interested philanthropists may feel free to contact us for any further enquiry before donating the amount for your satisfaction and peace of mind. Please mail us at or inquire over telephone No. 033-2573-2244 / Mobile - 62908 14353. We thank you once again.

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