Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation

Hello there, first up we thank you for not considering the Rural Bengal Biospheric research Foundation (RBRF) as a profit making company or a monopolized organization. The RBRF is a mass level organization (registered society under WBSRA-1961) and absolutely runs on non-profit basis, under the Income Tax Exemption Scheme 12AA & 80G. In a broader sense, RBRF works in mission to Ecological Sustainability and Rural Women Empowerment, coupled with Training Service, Placement Service, Oldage Service and Business Consultancy Services for its Members, Donors and other Associates throughout the state of West Bengal.

If you are a likeminded Indian Citizen, aged between 21-65 years and passed 10+2 educational standard, you can submit your Expression of Interest (EoI) for the organizational membership, subject to the acceptance of the Founder and present Governing Body. The organization always looks for like-minded people who intend to work for the human society or the environment. RBRF would be a prominent non-political social platform for you. RBRF receives EoI’s till 28th February of each year and the selected members are usually asked to attend the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) for his/her joining as a board member of the organization for the forth coming year (April-March), under stipulated norms and subscription. Membership Subscription for each member is INR 5000 for one year and INR 50,000 for Life Membership.

Allthough, the main responsibility of a Council Member is to raising donation/grant for empowering 10 rural women each year by providing them appropriate livelihood support, while the Secretary and Treasurer will be responsible for 20 Women each. The Vice-Presidents will take responsibilities for 40 Women each and the President will be for 100 women.

Interested persons may submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) along with his/her complete personal details and to be addressed to the Founder, RBRF over E-mail- or enquire over telephone No. 033-2573-2244/Mobile -62908 14353. The last date of EOI submission is 15th March for the year 2020-21.

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