A deadliest yet simple RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) virus has invaded the mankind which is dominantly grasping the world, leaving Science and Spirituality far behind. This is the beginning of May, 2020 the virus has already affected nearly 40 Lakh and killed near about 2.5 Lakh people worldwide. It is assumed that the figures may double by the end of June this year. Though this is not the first one, as history depicts there have been several other epidemics before and each of those have claimed nearly 10Lakh lives. This is unfortunate that more than 100 separate research teams worldwide have been so close to discovering the anti-body/vaccination against this virus but to no favorable end result yet. It is a matter of great concern whether such an antidote could at all be prepared within the next few years or ever! India is not isolated from the global pandemic too, with the positive cases and death tolls rising steadily. Now it is very transparent that we cannot stop it all of a sudden but we can sure slow down the toll by imposing ‘Lockdown’, maintaining ‘Social distancing’, proper ‘sanitization’ methods, wearing ‘masks’ and ‘boosting immunity’. RBRF requests all fellow citizens to follow the norms and encourage others to do so too. ‘Courage’, ‘Risk’ and ‘Adventure’ needs be put aside during this grave situation. Stay home, stay safe and please think for the down-trodden citizens who don’t even have minimum support to survive in this disastrous situation.
Lockdown leads Hunger Index Rise in India: Everyone will be vulnerable to COVID pandemic!
Research and statistics suggest, more than 60% Savings bank Accounts of Indians were below INR 5,000 before the pandemic. The figure may surprise you that nearly 80 Crore people were living in this condition. So it can be easily assumed what is the current situation during the Lockown because most of those people are daily bread-earners. Besides several Government commitments and projections, an urgent need has been felt to undertake collective contribution to support those communities and to control the Hunger and Nutritional Index of India. We should know if people come down on roads and start begging, everybody will be vulnerable to the pandemic irrespective of symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID pattern. It will definitely bring forth a total collapse in the health system and rapidly increasing death tolls. You are requested to think positively and contribute your best to slow down the danger, until and unless any medical discovery is made.
Donate your bit towards Humanity and be a Certified Social Worker
Considering the worst ground reality RBRF offers you a Social Platform from where you can participate in controlling the Rising Hunger Index of the country with your valuable contribution and donation, online. The organization is committed to serve the society with your valuable contribution through the 4 basic pillars which are:
To simplify the process RBRF has categorized the contributors and donors into three categories:
This is a minimum suggestive amount of donation and there is every option to donate higher amount for the purpose and the donors are requested to contact us for his/her any specific plan to make the process more effective.
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