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Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation



Samik Gupta is globally known as a wildlife journalist, editor and conservationist, working since 1989. His published Articles, Themes and Reports are number more than 600 and produced 26 documentary films mostly on ecology, wilderness and Tribal issues. Even more, he is a complete different identity when works as an active feminist, always speaks for Women empowerment. His enormous works make him an eye-opener to the rest of World.


Psychological Counseling

(Nature based, Non-medicated)

Amidst this Global COVID pandemic, addressing the emotional and social concerns women are going through, RBRF launches first of its kind “Nature based 'Psychological Counseling”, especially for the distressed women.


Empowering women leads to empowering nation…

Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation (RBRF) is a Kolkata based state level civil society organization which is registered under WBSRA-1961, Government of West Bengal and NITI Aayog, Government of India. The organization has received its non-profit status by the income tax department under section 12AA and 80G. The main object of the organization is to Empower Rural Women and to Conserve Biodiversity at different districts and community development blocks of West Bengal. Now, the RBRF appears an eye-opener among the Indian civil society organizations, especially for its MCS (Multi-folded Community Services) and RAN (Remote Area Network)project FIELD (Fisher Women Identification and Empowerment by Livestock Development) and project BESTWAY (Business Entrepreneur Support Towards Womenability and Yield) are two major projects of the organization, exclusively for the rural women.

Besides that, RBRF has also undertaken initiatives for the holistic development of the Urban and Semi-urban women under the project MDA (Multi Disciplinary Assistance). The main objective of the project is to facilitate complete support to them according to their need base. From our long experience, it reveals that the traditional family concept and social enforcement on women turns out the foundation grounds for dependence, dowry, domestic violence, psychological problems, career compromise, separation, so on and so forth! The problem is coupling much more in urban and semi-urban areas, in comparison to the rural belt. Considering the ground reality, RBRF has launched the project MDA which appears a most powerful single window platform for the distressed women with full of their safety and security.

Socio-Environmental Initiatives

Rural Women Empowerment

This is the main focus area of RBRF as it has already been covered more then 1000 remote villages of West Bengal, especially at Sundarbans, Jungle Mahal and Duars. Livestock training, Farming support and market linkage to the women are the main objective of this division.

Biodiversity Cherectarization

Biodiversity survey and its characterization are the oldest activity of the organization, as it works in this domain in association with Nature India Group since 1989. RBRF intends to undertake any such projects all over the state of West Bengal.


In the same manner, wildlife conservation works is also the oldest activity of RBRF, as it was the major activity of Nature India Group. So far the experience is concerned, RBRF always feels confident to undertake any such project in any part of West Bengal.

Rural Skill Development Initiative

Duck Farming


Rbrf livestock training division offers intensive duck farming training for the rural women of West Bengal, as the duck eggs are becoming popular in urban market for its higher nutritional value and there is a growing market for duck meat too. Rural SHG can contact us for duck training.

Quail Farming


Quail Farming is a new Livelihood opportunity for the rural women as it offers dietary protein with lesser cholesterol than chicken. It’s a hardy species, mortality rate is very low and it does not require heavy antibiotic usage like poultry chicken. Group or SHG can contact RBRF for Quail Farming training.

Chicken Farming


Demand for chicken meat is increasing due to rapid change in urban dietary pattern. A person requires 11kg chicken meat / year but the country produces only 1.9kg/ head/ year. So, chicken Farming would be considered as the most potential Livelihood opportunity for the rural women within a decade.

Organic Agriculture


Rbrf conducts intensive training programs on Organic Agricultural Practices which is an essential shift, badly required in present scenario. This is not only for the health of soil but to improve human immunity mechanism by consuming 'no chemical fertilizer and pesticides food's!



Floriculture is another profit making business which is ideal for the rural women. The demand for flower is rapidly increasing not only in the domestic market but abroad too. Rbrf is much concerned about, especially for the marginal women of Rural Bengal.



The demand for fishes in Bengal market demands intensive Fishery extention programs in rural belt. This is the most potential Livelihood option for the small/big pond owners, if she can adopt fast rotation mechanism of modern fisheries by getting proper training.

Urban Skill Development Initiative

Wildlife Photography


Wildlife Photography is the most modern and international career option especially for the Nature lovers and innovative youth. Most importantly, here he/she can work independently and can earn a lot by freelancing or on assignment basis. You can contact RBRF for further details.

Short Film Making


Film Making is also a similar career option for the youth as it offers various creative opportunity for the youth. There are many scopes for the film makers, like Feature Film Making, Telefilm Making, Advertisement Film Making, Making of Documentaries etc. You can contact RBRF for further details.

Video Editing


The scope for the Video Editors is ever increasing since last couple of decades. Live Visual communication and its presentation is the most important factor in present day context. So there is an wide career opportunity for the professional video editors. You can contact RBRF for further details.

Women Assistance Initiative

Business Assistance

After marriage, most women are compelled to compromise their service career for family! RBRF supports them to become business entrepreneurs in the domains like IT, Logistic, Farming, Media, Tourism and entertainment.

Shelter Assistance

RBRF ‘Non-home’ Shelter assistance allows single/twin share living for women under complete safety and securities of the organization and is available for the Elderly women, Single Mothers and Single Women only.

Tourism Assistance

RBRF tourism division offers special care and assistance for the Elderly women who are keen travelers to any part of India. It may include Pilgrim Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Village Tourism or Tourism for Research and Educational purposes.

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